No one above us. No one below us. All of us for each of us.

#MutualAid #WeGotWe


The Nonprofit to End All Nonprofits

The Nonprofit Industrial Complex serves as a fiscal sponsor to mutual aid projects, international associations, and unincorporated collectives that promote individual well-being, community health, and financial solidarity. We empower autonomous self-organization that decreases dependence on bosses, landlords, charities, corporations, and the State.

Collective Work

We are building a free and joyful human family where people come together autonomously to participate in the collaborative work of world-shaping.


We value passionate, sensuous experimentation exploring better ways of living together guided by personal experiences and community needs.


We collaborate with people spontaneously responding to intolerable conditions — advancing interdependence, cooperation, equality, and joy.

Building the world we want and becoming the kind of people who can live in such a world.