Kasese Cover

Kasese Humanist School is a secular school built on a foundation of science and humanist values. We provide a balanced education to young people aged 3-22 in Western Uganda, along with food security, vocational training, and environmental regeneration.

Our school has a nursery, primary, and secondary section, and operates in 3 different locations of Rukoki, Muhokya, and Kahendero in Kasese, western Uganda. The day school is open to all children and has a few boarding facilities to some of the orphans under our care.

Your financial solidarity helps support the following programs: 

  • Education for all, where we teach students arts, sciences and general subjects as specified under the Uganda school’s curriculum.
  • Child sponsorship programs to orphans and other vulnerable children.
  • Vocational skills training to our students in carpentry, tailoring, computer, art & crafts.
  • Food security project initiatives like gardening of crops for the benefit of our children, staffs and community at our small and expanse school lands.
  • Environmental conservation efforts through tree planting campaigns at our establishments.